Need content marketing strategy? Let's get busy.

Quality over quantity is smart. Quantity might be great, too. From deciding whether email or video are worth your time and budget to deciding how often to post on Twitter, your story can be tough to tell without a solid content marketing strategy.

By building out a content strategy, you’ll have a plan that’ll help you navigate who you’re talking to, when you’re talking to them, and how you’ll talk to them. Whether it’s defining an approach to email or press releases, or building a plan for growing your presence on Facebook, a content marketing strategy takes away the guesswork with calendars, templates, scorecards, and on-brand creative content direction.

We’ll work with you to explore how your content program is performing, compare it to your goals, and help you find the best path forward while keeping your budget in mind. Plus, we’ll craft example content that’ll help you make future production a snap.

Defining target audiences

  • Creating personas
  • Pinpointing how to speak to each audience

Editorial Calendars

  • Producing a hands-on schedule for your creative content program

Platform Recommendations

  • Outlining key communication channels
  • Mapping customer funnels
  • Producing guidelines for platform-specific content