From fake news to worn-out talking points, it’s harder than ever to reach people and earn votes. But with honest, compelling content, you can inspire people and make every hashtag count.

Commercial and documentary videos to telling life-changing stories on social media, we’ll help you promote your candidate or your cause, and get you the votes you need to build a better tomorrow.

Let's cause an effect.

With over a decade of crafting strategic and creative communications to reach all kinds of audiences, we know what it takes to get attention, keep people engaged, and cause them to act.

At Hotdog, we want to do more than just sell products. We want to inspire hope and build a brighter future. That means working with political candidates and causes that we believe in. It means channelling all the best strategies and creativity that fuels great business and turning it into winning content to not only get votes, but to get people to join the movement.

Say more than talking points.

  • Communications planning
  • Multi-platform video content
  • Copywriting & editorial
  • Social content & ad creation
  • Web & SEO content

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