Headlines are important.

But so are paragraphs. If you want to really get someone’s attention, you’ll need more than a clever headline  you’ll need a story with heart and writing that sings.

Writing compelling copy may not top your marketing to-do list  storytelling gets lost in the pursuit of a logo, ads are based on designs instead of messaging — but it should be.

That’s where Hotdog comes in. As copywriters, we help nonprofits and good companies craft stories that get attention, raise funds, and connect with people. We get to the heart of why your story matters, and then tell the best version of that while upholding your brand’s unique character.

What we do:

  • Craft brand messaging and guidelines
  • Name companies and products
  • Copywriting for email, blogs, ads, annual reports, and everything in between
  • Create & manage website content
  • Read your mind
  • Say what you wanted to say, but better
  • Drink whiskey and confirm clichés