Imagining the future for Sonoma County kids

Sonoma County Portrait of a Graduate is a county-wide initiative to connect various sectors of our community — educators, parents, business leaders — to come together to define, imagine, and shape a vision for educating our county’s children.

This vision is called the “Portrait of a Graduate,” and it is meant to serve as a north star for leaders at every level of the county, and to serve as a guide for curriculum development, policy, and communication decisions that ensure our kids are prepared for tomorrow.


Building a solid foundation.

Good Good partnered with the Career Technical Education Foundation of Sonoma County and the Sonoma County Office of Education to develop foundational materials for the Sonoma County Portrait of a Graduate launch, including positioning + messaging, program website, and visual presentation materials. These touchpoints helped deliver a consistent message across various stakeholder groups, communicating the key purpose, process, and output of the Portrait of a Graduate program.

And the best is yet to come


The Sonoma County Portrait of a Graduate program is currently underway, and multiple teams are engaging with the wider community to collect ideas and insights that will shape the final output. Good Good is excited and grateful for the opportunity to be involved. By working together, we are painting a portrait of a graduate that embodies what’s most important to our community, for today and tomorrow.

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